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Who we are


Nature45  is two colleagues: Yves and Sylvain. Friends for more than 15 years, our desire is to build a company to our image and representing our values.

Our project: to create and market innovative, responsible, unisex, accessible and effective cosmetics and body care products, the most natural and simple possible without synthetic ingredients or derivatives of the petrochemical industry. Each product developed must meet strict requirements: provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience, while respecting the use of the most minimalist ingredients possible while respecting the environment. Our products will be ultra-soft, hypoallergenic and without perfume. Our innovative concept is to make body care products containing a natural ingredient from north of the 45th parallel (example: maple or birch water) and to bet on the benefits of these ingredients (example: this spring water is known for to be a bioactive cocktail used for many years in body care). All our ingredients are from natural sources. They contain no synthetic products or animal sources and will never contain them. Each product is made of a minimal number of ingredients, excluding any ingredient at risk. Nature45  wants to be a creator of products that are:
            - the most natural and simple possible
            - specific to our environment
            - accessible and effective.

Our mission: to position ourselves as a responsible and referenced manufacturer for the quality and effectiveness of our products. They are developed linking each ingredient to its usefulness. The result is a product containing only necessary ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully selected according to our criteria; natural and plant ingredients when available and locally sourced, when available, to limit the impact on the environment.